May 2021


This month at Numerai, I… - Researched a bunch of different ways we could score users on Signals (with the goal of increasing profitability for users) - Backfilled and made users’ one month scores visible, in addition to the current one week scores

Bought an OP-1, and got my Novation MiniNova and Circuit sent from home.

Completed part 1 of a music theory textbook: The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis

Read two fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson: The Hero of Ages, and Warbreaker. Also read Salem’s Lot by Stephen King.

Me and my girlfriend (still long distance!) read the first 100 pages of “Godel, Escher, Bach”, and played Overcooked and Overwatch together

Met up with friends: went to all you can eat KBBQ with my coworkers for my birthday, got sushi and played Starcraft with David and Richard, built the web front-end for Ben’s startup PointZero, caught up with Tiago for the first time since I left New Mexico, and made a bonfire with my MFC Discord friends (first time meeting them in person!)

Music theory - The Harmonic Series - Andrew Huang - One Page Explanations of Concepts in Music Theory