Where I've Worked

Numerai - Software Developer

Reduct Video - Software Developer (Contract)

  • Implemented automatic tag and highlight suggestions with NLP

Inate AI - Software Developer

  • Developed Python and SQL tools that provided business analytics for client companies from CRM data.

Layer6 AI Research Lab - Machine Learning Developer (Intern)

  • Developed machine learning algorithms to detect e-commerce fraud. Placed 72nd out of 6000+ teams in the IEEE-CIS Kaggle competition.

SickKids Hospital - Machine Learning Developer (Part-time)

  • Built image similarity search tools in Python for a database of over 100 million medical images. Used by researchers to create custom datasets.

Things I've Done

  • Built a rendering engine with Vulkan
  • Wrote about modern GPUs and the Vulkan graphics API
  • Wrote simple explanations of 30+ ML research papers